Vascular Center of Mansfield

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) can be a frightening and disabling disease, but with proper diagnosis, treatment plans, and education, patients can take the necessary steps to manage their symptoms and stop the progression. Early treatment of PAD can restore mobility, decrease the risk for heart attack and stroke, reduce the risk of amputation, and possibly save a life.

Vascular Center of Mansfield

Many hospital procedures to treat PAD are being shifted to office based labs and access centers where cost of treatment can be as much as 30% less and care is provided in a convenient and personal setting.
The Vascular Center of Mansfield is an office based lab that provides patients with an alternative approach for early detection and treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease. The lab follows strict protocols for the operation of its facility and is closely monitored by a Quality Assurance Program to ensure that patient safety is the highest priority.

Why Choose the Vascular Center of Mansfield
  • Clinical decisions can be based on the physician’s choice and individual patient needs.
  • Quicker scheduling since other departments aren’t sharing technology and staff.
  • State-of-the-art software and dedicated staff; including radiology technicians, registered nurses with advanced training, and board certified, vascular trained interventional cardiologists.
  • Ability to negotiate directly with supply vendors for competitive pricing resulting in cost containment for the patient and the insurance company.
  • Protocols for pre-procedure, procedure, and post-procedure mirror hospital best practice protocols but delivered in the convenience of an office based environment.
  • Pre-operative work-up is minimal compared to routine hospital procedures with the lab performing all peripheral angiography under light or moderate conscious sedation necessitating no fees for an anesthesiologist.
  • The change from a hospital setting to an office based lab does not increase the complication rate inherent to the procedure.
  • Data currently available shows that office based labs have improved the quality of care and time management for patients, while decreasing healthcare expenses.
Procedures Currently Offered:
  • Aortogram
  • Aortogram with run offs
  • Aortogram with PTA
  • Aortogram with Athrectomy and Stenting
  • Inferior Vena Care Filter placement and retrieval
First Experience, First Impression

“My anxiety quickly turned to complete comfort as I entered the lab. The nurses were warm and attentive, the environment was clean and inviting, and my physician was encouraging and kept me and my family well informed throughout the procedure. The entire experience was much more personal than a tradition hospital setting.”


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